Winnie Harlow: biography and latest news!

Winnie Harlow, made famous by her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, has made a name for herself in today’s highly competitive fashion industry. Afflicted with vitiligo, the 19-year-old has used her illness as a strength to make her dream come true.

At 19, with her long legs and wasp waist, Winnie Harlow is a model like no other. Like Michael Jackson, Chantelle Brown-Young of her real name suffers from vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that causes skin depigmentation on different parts of the body. There is currently no truly viable treatment for vitiligo. But far from feeling sorry for herself, she chose from the start to take advantage of her difference. A determination but also a unique beauty that has charmed the ready-to-wear brand Desigual. The Canadian-born beauty is now the brand’s ambassador for its 2014-2015 fall-winter collection. “Winnie Harlow has made her very special skin her greatest asset, her success,” says Desigual in a press release, convinced that “differences are the salt of life”.

She was diagnosed at the age of 4. In the playground, Winnie had to put up with the taunts of her classmates who humiliated her and called her a “zebra” or a “cow”. Yet she secretly has the ambition to become a supermodel, to prove that her condition is not a handicap. Last spring, she participated in America’s Next Top Model, the televised model contest produced and presented by Tyra Banks. Although she didn’t win the competition, several professionals in the field ended up noticing her. The famous fashion photographer Nick Knight immortalizes her, fascinated by her singularity. “I want to be America’s next great supermodel, because it’s a lifelong dream. I’m an outsider and I want to prove that you can pursue your dreams despite all your imperfections and failures,” she said at the time. Soon a community forms around her. To date, she has more than 210,000 subscribers to her Instagram profile where she regularly posts her progress in the modeling world. Admirers sensitive to her message. “I loved myself. And with that, opportunities are starting to fall in my path… Try to love yourself.” For Winnie Harlow, while many people have a story, hers is painted on her body and she couldn’t be prouder of it.