Victoria Beckham: biography and latest news!

    Victoria Beckham © Backgrid USA
    Victoria Beckham © Backgrid USA

  • Occupation: singer, stylist
  • Real name: Victoria Caroline Adams
  • Sign: Aries
  • Date of birth: Wednesday 17 April 1974 (age: 46)
  • Country: England

With her famous sulky pout and her champion husband, Victoria Beckham managed to build a real empire.

Born on April 17, 1974 in Harlow, England, Victoria Caroline Adams is the eldest of Jacqueline and Anthony’s three children, respectively hairdresser and electronics engineer. At the age of 8, she expressed the desire to dance and sing and her parents enrolled her at Jason Theatre School. The little girl, then the teenager enrolled at Laine Arts Theatre College, does not deviate from her goal, to become famous! Hard-working, hard-working, she often cites her father as a model of success.

She is 20 years old when she makes herself known with a girls-band, the Spice Girls. Each of the 5 girls in the band creates a character with a nickname, Victoria will be “Posh Spice”, the snob! The success is dazzling, their hit Wannabe makes clubbers all over the world dance and their first album, Spice, sells 20 million copies. In 1997 they followed this up with a second album, Spiceworld, which met with the same success. The departure of Geri Halliwell in 1998 marked the beginning of the group’s decline. The Spice Girls did not return until 2007 and 2008, when they embarked on a world tour.

After the phenomenal success of her band, Victoria released a solo album in October 2001, Victoria Beckham. The failure of the album and the reception of the British press quickly convinced the ex-Spice Girl to leave the microphone to dedicate herself to her new career as a stylist. In 2004, she released a line of jeans called VB Rocks. Building on this success, she launched her own ready-to-wear brand in 2008, dVb, and dressed her star girlfriends. A great collector of handbags and other Louboutins, Victoria refines her wardrobe over the years and studies her look for each public appearance. She published a practical guide to fashion and beauty, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between in October 2006, wishing to pass on her precious advice. In November 2011, she is awarded a British Fashion Awards by the profession. The glamorous image she cultivates allows her to make her name a brand. With her online store created in 2013 (, you can buy the Victoria look, dresses, handbags and even sunglasses!…

In 2014, she celebrates her 15th wedding anniversary with David Beckham, married on July 4, 1999. In 2004, a scandal nevertheless tarnished the image of their couple. Rebecca Loos, David Beckham’s personal assistant, declared having an affair with him, which he always denied. Victoria and David Beckham have four children, Brooklyn Joseph (born 04/03/1999), Romeo (born 01/09/2002), Cruz (born 20/02/2005) and Harper Seven (born 10/07/2011).