Versace: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : Businesswoman, fashion designer
  • Sign : Taurus
  • Date of birth : Monday 02 May 1955 (age: 66)
  • Country: Italy

Donatella Versace was born on May 2, 1955 in Reggia, Italy. Sister of the fashion designer Gianni Versace, she is the Vice President of the luxury group. In the 1970s, she followed her brother to Florence to start a career in fashion. She wanted to manage the public relations of her brother’s company, but eventually became his muse and inspired him. In the 1980s, Gianni launched the perfume Donatella, dedicated to his sister. Gianni’s murder in Miami in 1997 shook her to the core. She nevertheless ensures the brand’s legacy and does everything possible to make it prosper.

She dresses the most fashionable celebrities of the 2000s. Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Courtney Love and Christina Aguilera all wore Versace to promotional events and award ceremonies. The beautiful Beyoncé and January Jones became the muses of the brand.

Donatella’s popularity is immense and she appears in various films that deal with the world of fashion. Thus, we see her in Zoolander and she is mentioned in The Devil Wears Prada. The character of Fabia in the series Ugly Betty is a parody of the Italian blonde. Finally, Lady Gaga dedicates a song to her on her album Artpop.