The Crown: biography and latest news!

  • Since 2016 / 58min / Drama, History, Biopic
  • From: Peter Morgan, Stephen Daldry
  • With: Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter
  • Nationalities: U.S.A., Great Britain
  • Original Channel: Netflix

The series focuses on Queen Elizabeth II, then 25 years old and faced with the daunting task of leading the world’s most famous monarchy while building a relationship with the legendary Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The British Empire was in decline, the political world in disarray… a young woman ascended the throne at the dawn of a new era.


In the early 1950s, young Elizabeth, who had married Philip Mountbatten a few years earlier, succeeded her father, King George VI, to the British throne. With the heavy responsibility of the crown, she was faced in the early years of her reign with a complex world in transition and the decline of her empire. In order to impose herself and ensure the monarchy’s durability, Elizabeth II had to deal with the rigidities of protocol, but also to assert herself in the face of political rivalries that were stirring the country. While the Queen seems to be endowed with a powerful power, the reality is quite different and could have important consequences on her personal life.


In 1957, when Her Majesty’s army had been engaged a few months earlier in an illegal war in Egypt, Britain was plunged into a serious political crisis. Tired of being sidelined, Philip embarked on a five-month tour of the South Seas with his friend Mike Parker, a man with a sulphurous reputation who spread a rumour of divorce from the royal couple. For her part, Princess Margaret, in her quest for happiness, never ceases to rebel against the crown, whose conservative and aging image is becoming more and more popular with the people. Lonely and melancholic, Elisabeth must face many challenges and succeed in modernizing the institution, without neglecting the education of her eldest son, the timid Prince Charles.


Great Britain, from 1964 to 1972. Queen Elisabeyh II faces major events in British history such as the Princess Margaret affair with Roddy Llewellyn. She sees the political rise of Margaret Thatcher and the introduction of Camilla Parker Bowles in the life of her son, Charles.


In the 1980s, Elizabeth faces Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, while Prince Charles experiences a tumultuous marriage to Lady Diana Spencer.

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