Simon Halls: biography and latest news!

  • Birthday: January 12, 1964
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Sign of the zodiac : Capricorn
  • Born in: Toronto, Canada
  • Famous as Matt Bomer’s husband
  • Children: Henry Halls, Kit Halls, Walker Halls
  • City: Toronto, Canada

Simon Halls is a popular American publicist, best known as the husband of actor Matt Bomer.

Simon Halls is a popular American publicist, best known as the husband of actor Matt Bomer, whom he married in 2011. Simon has been active in the film industry for decades and has received special mentions in films such as ‘Hostel II’ and ‘Hollidaysburg’. His career as a publicist helped him start his own company under the name “Huvane Baum Halls”. He served as co-CEO of the company, before approving a merger with PMK in 2001. Although Simon is one of the most powerful publicists in America, he is best known for his controversial relationship with actor Matt Bomer. Simon and Matt got married in 2011 and have three children including twins, Walker and Henry. Simon is originally from Toronto, Canada, but completed his graduate studies at a university in Southern California. He happens to be the publicist for many major celebrities in Hollywood. In fact, he met Matt when he was hired as his publicist.

Childhood and early childhood

Simon Halls was born on January 12, 1964 in Toronto, Canada. During his school days, he dated a few girls before realizing the truth about his sexuality. When he finally embraced the truth, he felt relieved and said it was the best decision he ever made.

He moved to the United States after graduating from high school. He then enrolled in a university in Southern California. At the same time, he continued to strengthen his industry contacts in order to pursue a career in public relations. He even worked as an assistant in many public relations firms where he learned the tricks of the trade.


Simon Halls started his career in public relations by working with Warner Bros, one of the major Hollywood studios. This provided him with enough contacts and experience to start his own PR company, which is what he always wanted to do. But instead of pursuing his career in the U.S., he moved to Russia to become the public relations director for Russia’s first McDonald’s.

He returned to the United States after working in Russia for two consecutive years. By the time he returned, he had gained enough experience and money.

Upon his return to the U.S. in the early 1990s, he began working for BWR Public Relations, a well-known firm that represented such stars as Jude Law and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others. Simon made a name for himself at the firm and soon became the director of public relations for the entire company.

By now, he knew it was the right time to realize his dream of starting his own business. So he laid the groundwork for “Huvane Baum Halls” in the mid-90s, which was launched in partnership with two others.

This led to a magnificent increase in his income. After successfully running the company for six consecutive years, he accepted the lucrative offer of “PMK” in 2001 and sold the company to them. He then started working independently for a while.

By now, he had managed to make friends in Hollywood and Matt Bomer had become one of his clients. He again started his own PR firm in 2010. Over a period of time, “Slate PR”, his new company managed to close deals with clients like Neil Patrick Harris, Bryan Singer, Ridley Scott, Ang Lee and Ryan Murphy.

He went on to become Hollywood’s director of public relations. Although he prefers not to take center stage, he had no choice but to be known as his name was seen in the end credits of popular movies like “Hostel II”. His successful sequence also earned him a spot on “Out” magazine’s Power List for 2012.

‘Business Insider’, a famous magazine, has frequently named Simon the best Hollywood publicist, which is a testament to the fact that he is one of the most influential people in the American entertainment industry.

Family and personal life

Simon Halls is gay and had a long-term relationship with actor Matt Bomer. He avoids talking about his personal life and has stated in interviews that he has been secretive all his life. His relationship with Matt Bomer was also kept in the dark for many years. In 2014, the couple made an official announcement about their relationship and said that they got married in 2011.

Simon and Matt lead a happy life with their children – Walker, Henry. The family lives in California.

The couple participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together and the video went viral on various social media platforms. They later said that challenges like these are a great way to express their affection towards each other.

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