Shera Danese: biography and latest news!

Shera Danese (Hartsdale, October 9, 1949) It is an actress United States, The widow of the actor Peter Falk.

Shera Danese occupied the role of prostitute in the film Vicky 1983 Risky Business with Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay as protagonists.

His television appearances include episodes Hart to Hart, Serpico, Baretta, The Company of Three, Kojak, In the House of Lawrence, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels and Cold Case.

It has the distinction of having supported the victim or suspect in several episodes of the TV series Columbus than any other actor, playing a main character in three of the six episodes in which it appeared. He participated: Ciak kills himself (1976), vintage wine (1978) Self-portrait of a murderess (1989), Soundtrack with murder (1991), Investigation on interlock (1994) Shoot to kill (1997).

After meeting him on the set of the TV series Columbus, Dane became the wife of Peter Falk, interpreter columbo. She was married to him for almost 34 years, from December 7, 1977 until the death of the actor, which took place on June 23, 2011.