Sharon Stone: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation: producer, actress
  • Real name: Sharon Vone Stone
  • Sign: Fish
  • Date of birth: Monday, March 10, 1958 (age: 62)
  • Country: United States

Sharon Stone is an American actress born March 10, 1958 in Pennsylvania. She comes from a relatively modest background, with a working class father and a chartered accountant mother. She has two brothers and a sister.

Very young and pushed by her parents, Sharon Stone has ambition. A great reader, she dreams of being an actress or a lawyer. In the 1980’s, she was going through the casting process without really taking off, as directors often preferred her to more famous actresses. The consecration comes with “Basic Instinct” in 1992, then “Casino” in 1995.

Since then, Sharon Stone has followed with more or less successful series and films. She is also a producer.

Sharon Stone, who has her star on Hollywood Boulevard, has been married three times: to George Englund Jr. and then to the producer of “Stargate SG1”, Michael Greenburg. She will also be the wife of Phil Bronstein in 1998 with whom she will have her first son.

Sharon is the mother of three adopted children, Roan in 2000, Laird in 2005, and Quinn in 2006. She is involved in several humanitarian causes and is an ambassador for AIDS research.