Sarah Michelle Gellar: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : actress
  • Sign : Aries
  • Date of birth : Thursday 14 April 1977 (age: 44)
  • Country: United States

Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on April 14, 1977 in New York. She was an only child and grew up with her mother, Rosellen, a schoolteacher, after her parents divorced in the mid-1980s. Her father, Arthur Gellar, who worked in the textile industry, disappeared from the girl’s life after his divorce. At the age of 4, Sarah’s pretty face was noticed by an agent while she was having lunch with her mother in a restaurant. In 1982, she shot a commercial for the fast food chain Burger King and became its young ambassador. As a lonely child, she practiced a lot of sports, especially figure skating, and took refuge in this discipline. At the same time, she attended a classical school before entering the Professional Children’s High School, an establishment more adapted to her artistic extra-curricular activities, from which she graduated in 1994.

Sarah Michelle Gellar made her big screen debut in Over the Brooklyn Bridge in 1984, alongside Margaux Hemingway. She multiplies the commercials, scours the castings, and makes appearances in some series (Crossbow, Spenser). In 1992, she gets a recurring role in the series Swans Crossing, then the following year lands a role in All My Children, a popular series that will help to make her known, and allows her to win an Emmy Award in the category of best young actress in a series (1995). The revelation to the general public comes when she becomes the heroine of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1997. The series meets a huge success and allows the actress to turn for the cinema between two seasons. She then chained the productions intended for a teenage audience (Remember… last summer, Scream 2, Sex intentions, Scooby-Doo…). In 2003, she announced that she was leaving the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer after the shooting of the 7th season.

The actress then devoted herself to the big screen and took over the role of Daphne in the second part of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Run Wild in 2004. She then breaks her image and decides to change register with the horror film by Takashi Shimizu, The Grudge, shot in Japan. The film is a huge commercial success and two years later the actress turns the sequel, The Grudge 2. Sarah Michelle Gellar moves away from the film sets for a while to devote herself to her personal life. She tries to revive the small screen, in 2011 with the series Ringer, then in 2013 with The Crazy Ones alongside Robin Williams, but they do not meet the expected success. In 2016, the actress turns the pilot of a new series, Cruel Intentions, based on the film Sex Intentions (1999) and takes over the role of Kathryn Merteuil.

On the private side, Sarah Michelle Gellar is married since 2002 to the actor Freddie Prinze Jr. met on the set of Remember…last summer, in 1997. The couple has two children; Charlotte born in 2009 and Rocky born in 2012.