Sarah Jessica Parker: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actress and producer
  • Sign : Aries
  • Date of birth : Thursday 25 March 1965 (age: 55)
  • Country: United States

Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio. After her parents’ divorce, she grew up in a blended family of eight children. Passionate about dancing and singing, she began her artistic career at a young age. She took classes at the American Ballet School and then at the Professional Children’s School. Her level allows her to be chosen to play on Broadway in The Innocents in 1976. In 1979, she won the lead role in the show Annie, which ran for several months on Broadway.

In the early 80’s, Sarah Jessica Parker auditions and lands the role of a complex high school girl in the series Square Pegs. The series lasted only one season but allowed her to become known. She made her first steps in the cinema in 1984, in Footloose and Firstborn. The following year, she gets the lead role in School Girls alongside Shannen Doherty. Meanwhile, she turns a lot for the small screen (A year in the Life, Last trip to Malaysia, Life under water …). In the cinema, the actress receives more and more offers of roles (Honeymoon in Las Vegas, Trap in troubled waters, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks!…).

The consecration comes in 1998 thanks to the series Sex and the City in which she plays Carrie Bradshaw, a New York journalist and fashion enthusiast. The series is a huge success and allows her to receive four times the Golden Globe for best actress in a television series. In 2004, the series ended but the actress resumed her role in the film adaptation, Sex and the City, the movie in 2008 and Sex and the City 2 in 2010.

After the end of the series, Sarah Jessica Parker continues to play roles on the big screen in romantic comedies; Family Spirit, Where Have the Morgans Gone, But How Do Women Do, Happy New Year … In 2012, she made a comeback in a TV series and joined the cast of the fourth season of Glee. Since 2016, Sarah Jessica Parker plays in the series Divorce.

On the private side, Sarah Jessica Parker was the companion of Robert Downey Jr (1984-1991). On May 19, 1997, she married the actor Matthew Broderick, his companion for several years. The couple has three children, a boy, James, born in October 2002 and twins Marion and Tabitha born by surrogate mother in June 2009.