Sarah Ferguson: biography and latest news!

  • Sign: Scale
  • Date of birth: Thursday 15 October 1959 (age: 61)
  • Country: England

Sarah Ferguson was born on October 15, 1959 in London. Daughter of Ronald Ferguson and Susan Wright, she has one sister, Jane. At the age of 13, her parents separated and her mother remarried the Argentinean polo player Hector Barrantes. Sarah grew up alongside her father, a former major who became the polo coach to Prince Charles of England. Ronald Ferguson, after meeting Lord Mountbatten and his nephew Prince Philip of England, founded with him the prestigious Windsor Guards Polo Club.

Her destiny changed on 23 July 1986 when she married Andrew of England, Duke of York and youngest son of Queen Elizabeth of England. The couple gave birth to two daughters: Beatrice on 8 August 1988 and Eugenie on 23 March 1990. Her spontaneous nature and joie de vivre appealed to the Windsor clan and brought her great popularity among the British people. But the young woman found it difficult to cope with the long absences of her husband, a Royal Navy helicopter pilot, and the constraints of his status as Royal Highness. In March 1992, the couple separated at the request of the Duchess, and a few months later, in August, the scandal erupted. Stolen photos of the couple by a pool on the French Riviera were published in the English tabloids and revealed their affair with their financial adviser John Bryan. Their divorce is pronounced in 1996.

Sarah Ferguson begins a new life away from the royal family. She devotes herself to many children’s charities. She continues her work with her association Children in Crisis, founded in 1993, which helps children in need. In 2013, she agreed to become an ambassador for the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which works in favour of educational projects in Serbia. As an author of children’s stories, she donates part of the profits from sales to her association. She has been dieting since she was a teenager and became a Weight Watchers ambassador in 1997. In 2014, the Institute of Global Health Innovation chose her to become the new face of their campaign to raise awareness of the harmful effects of being overweight on health. She displays her new silhouette with a spectacular weight loss of more than twenty kilos.

Her return to grace with the Windsor clan takes place ten years after her divorce. In June 2006, she made her first official appearance at the Order of the Garter ceremony where Prince Andrew was inducted as a knight. But in 2010, a new scandal once again tarnished her image. She was trapped by the daily News of the World as she negotiated an interview with a (false) businessman for 1.5 million euros with her ex-husband. However, this incident does not put an end to the unfailing complicity between Prince Andrew and his ex-wife. While residing in England, Sarah Ferguson stays at Royal Lodge on Prince Andrew’s property.