Matthew Perry: biography and latest news!

    Matthew Perry © Action Press
    Matthew Perry © Action Press

  • Profession: actor
  • Real name: Matthew Langford Perry
  • Sign : Lion
  • Date of birth: Tuesday 19 August 1969 (age: 51)
  • Country: United States

Matthew Perry was born on August 19, 1969 in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The son of a journalist, Suzanne Morrison, and a commercial actor, John Perry, he was very young when his parents separated. He spent his childhood in Canada, his mother’s country of origin. His mother became press secretary to the Canadian Prime Minister in the 1980s. Educated in a public school in Ottawa, Matthew Perry discovered a passion for tennis. Very gifted in this discipline, he participates in junior competitions and his national ranking gives him hope of becoming a professional player. But in his teens, several injuries forced him to change his path and, at 15, he decided to join his father in Los Angeles.

Matthew Perry followed in his father’s footsteps and considered a career as an actor. He went through the casting process and landed his first role at the age of 19 in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon with River Phoenix. His career took off again in 1994 when he landed the role of Chandler Bing in the series Friends. Alongside Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, his humour hit the mark and the series was an international success. For ten seasons, the series won numerous Emmy Awards and achieved record audiences, giving Matthew Perry a certain notoriety. He enjoyed great popularity and also made films: Coup de foudre et conséquences (1997), Mon voisin le tueur (2000), Au service de Sara (2002).

In 2003, Matthew Perry added another string to his bow when he first hit the boards. In London, for the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago, he gave the line to Minnie Driver and Kelly Reilly. He changes register and shoots a political series In the White House by Aaron Sorkin, the same year. In 2004, after a decade of success, the Friends series came to a halt and the actor went through a period of stagnation. He has worked in series whose low ratings don’t allow them to go beyond one season; Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006), Mr. Sunshine (2011) and Go On (2013). In 2015, he returns to the forefront as the headliner of a new series, The odd couple with Thomas Lennon.

Matthew Perry has spoken publicly about his addiction to alcohol and drugs and has undergone several rehab sessions. The actor is an active activist and has become a spokesperson in the fight against addiction in the United States. He collaborates with an addiction specialist, Earl Hightower, and transforms one of his properties in Malibu into a shelter for former addicts to help them reintegrate into society. In May 2013, the White House awarded him a prize for his work (Champion of Recovery).

In terms of privacy, Matthew Perry was the companion of Julia Roberts (1995-1966) and Lauren Graham (2003). In 2006, he met actress Lizzy Caplan, 13 years his junior, but the couple separated in 2012.