Matt Pokora: biography and latest news!

    Matt Pokora © LIONEL URMAN
    Matt Pokora © LIONEL URMAN

  • Occupation : singer
  • Real name: Matthieu Tota
  • Sign : Balance
  • Date of birth: Thursday, September 26, 1985 (age: 35)
  • Country : France

Of Polish origin, Matthieu Tota of his real name was born on September 26, 1985 in Strasbourg. He is the son of the former professional soccer player from Strasbourg, André Tota. At the Aristide Briand high school in Shiltigheim, he already spends more time writing songs than attending classes. In 2003, the program Popstars, broadcasted on M6, allowed him to make himself known. Member of the Linkup boy band, his band is a winner. Mon Etoile, their single produced in the same time, is a hit. Their first album, Notre Etoile, is a more mixed success despite the release of a second single. A few months later, the members of the group officially announce their separation.

Matthieu Tota takes the opportunity to start a solo career. He chooses the stage name Matt Pokora (“Pokora” means “humility” in Polish) which becomes Mr. Pokora following a legal battle with singer Matt Houston who argues that there is a risk of confusion between their two names. In 2004, the singer released his first solo opus, Mr. Pokora. The album was a great success and was certified gold record. The singles Showbiz (The battle), Elle me contrôle, with singer Sweety, and Pas sans toi also meet their audience. Her second album, Player, was released in February 2006. A mix of r’n’B, pop and crunk’n’b, it targets a young and female audience. Mr. Pokora, with his angel face and his bad boy image is a seductive argument in itself. The album becomes number one in album sales and the duet with Ricky Martin on the title It’s Alright, as well as his Player Tour, are successes.

Mr. Pokora takes the opportunity to create his label M2theP Entertainement and immediately signs Tyron Carter, one of his favorite singers, but it is a failure. His new single, Dangerous, with the famous prodigy producer Timbaland, became number one in sales and reached the top 10 in several countries around the world, such as Poland, where the singer is originally from. His third album, MP3, was released in March 2008. It is certified gold record. The following year, Mr. Pokora won the Eska Music Awards in Poland in the category of International Pop Artist of the Year.

In the summer of 2010, he starts a new tour… on the beaches, with the aim of breaking in new songs on stage. Then his fourth album, Updated, was released on August 23, 2010. His second single, Mirage, is No. 1 in France and his album, gold record, with more than 50,000 copies sold in France. In early January 2011, anxious to win an English-speaking audience, he released the English version of the single Mirage: Oblivion. On January 22, 2011, at the NRJ Music Awards, he won two trophies: the French-speaking Male Artist of the Year and the French-speaking Song of the Year for his single Juste une photo de toi. A nos actes manqués is placed at the top of the French Top Singles and becomes one of the charts of summer 2011. In 2011, he releases a fifth album, A la poursuite du bonheur, which is certified platinum (with over 100,000 copies sold) and participates in the first season of the show Danse avec les stars on TF1.

The singer takes on a new challenge in September 2013, and takes on the lead role in the musical Robin Hood. In 2016, he becomes coach in the show The Voice kids, replacing Louis Bertignac. At the end of the same year, he released a new album, My Way, covers of songs by Claude François. In 2017, he joins the jury for the sixth season of The Voice alongside Zazie, Florent Pagny and Mika.

On the private side, the artist is very discreet. In June 2014, during a performance of the musical Robin Hood, he makes official his love story with a dancer of the company, Scarlett Baya. But the couple separates some time later. In September 2017, during his birthday party, he makes official his love story with Christina Milian, an American singer and actress. The couple appears publicly at the NRJ Music Awards on November 4, 2017. On January 20, 2020, Christina Milian gives birth in the United States to a boy named Isaiah. On December 10, 2020, he reveals on Instagram that Christina Milian is expecting their second child.