Mary from Denmark: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : Royal Highness
  • Real name: Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
  • Sign : Aquarius
  • Date of birth: Saturday, February 05, 1972 (age: 48 years old)
  • Country : Australia

Mary from Denmark, born Mary Donaldson, was born on February 5, 1972 in Tasmania. She spent her childhood in this part of Australia with her parents, of Scottish origin, her two sisters and her brother.

Mary studied business and advertising before working in various roles as an account manager, sales manager and communications consultant. She worked in Australia and then in Europe in Copenhagen. She speaks English, Danish and French – she lived in France for a few months.

On the occasion of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, she met the Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik. The couple celebrated their wedding on May 14, 2004. Princess Mary, Countess of Montpezat, and her husband have four children: Christian born October 15, 2005, Isabella born April 21, 2007, Vincent and Josephine, twins born January 8, 2011.

President of numerous associations, the Princess also represents WHO for Europe. She is also committed to refugees and the fight against cancer.