Marilyn Monroe: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : singer, actress
  • Sign : Gemini
  • Date of birth : Tuesday 01 June 1926 (age: 36 years)
  • Date of death : Sunday 05 August 1962

Icon, star, sex symbol…how many adjectives have not been used to describe Marilyn Monroe? Intended to be a housewife, she will be a model, actress, singer, muse of the greatest, she will climb all the rungs by showing tenacity and integrity. Before entering the legend, Marilyn Monroe is above all a fragile woman but endowed with an extraordinary character.

After a chaotic childhood in various foster homes, where she is the victim of several attempts of sexual abuse, the one who is still called Norma Jean Baker is married to a neighbor in 1940. He was soon sent to war. She was spotted by a photographer at the end of 1944 while checking soldiers’ parachutes, and these propaganda shots of the war effort put her on the front page of all the magazines. Encouraged, she started modeling and took the opportunity to divorce. From brunette she becomes blonde, and Norma the butterfly becomes Marilyn.

However, her career takes time to start, she will have to wait for Howard Hanks’ Men Prefer Blondes to go from actress with great potential to recognized actress. She left the prints of her hands in the cement of the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. From then on, she made a series of films, starring with the greatest actors of the time, such as Robert Mitchum and Lauren Bacall. Her second great success was Seven Years of Reflection, in which we can see the famous scene of the dress lifted by the air coming out of a subway grate.

Despite mental and physical health concerns, she was encouraged in 1958 by Arthur Miller, her companion for a year, to play Some Like It Hot, by Billy Wilder. She won a Golden Globe for this role. The film was a resounding success and received five Oscar nominations. This will be her last success, despite the script of The Misfits written by Miller especially for Marilyn. Her state of health did not allow her to play anymore, so the film was not a resounding success even though she was very moving.

In her private life, Marilyn was never a satisfied woman, nor very lucky. Fragile but determined in her vision of love, she changed husbands several times, and put herself in compromising situations by having affairs with the Kennedy brothers. Nevertheless, the recently published writings of the one who will remain above all Norma Jean Baker, show her as a woman of great intelligence and rare finesse.