Louis Spencer: biography and latest news!

  • Real name : Louis Frederick John Spencer
  • Sign : Pisces
  • Date of birth : Monday 14 March 1994 (age: 27)
  • Country: England

Louis Spencer was born on March 14, 1994 in London. Coming from a wealthy family, he is the eldest son of Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, and therefore the cousin of princes Harry and William of England. He is Viscount Althorp and will become an earl upon the death of his father.

The young Louis spent most of his childhood in South Africa where he grew up far from the media madness that surrounded his family. Indeed, Louis is none other than the nephew of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, whose relationship is the talk of the British tabloids. His father, Charles Spencer, does everything possible to ensure that his son has a normal childhood. Louis studied at a college in Cape Town before going to Edinburgh University.

On the college benches, the young man is rather discreet, as he is in the press. Louis is not present on social networks, even if he does not hesitate to post on the Instagram accounts of stars, as with Nicki Minaj in March 2015. The young viscount is still noticed at the wedding of his cousin Prince Harry with actress Meghan Markle.