Laura Wasser: biography and latest news!

From Britney Spears yesterday to Melanie Griffith today, she is called upon to torpedo the opponent in case of separation. Portrait of Laura Wasser, a war machine in high heels.

Long brown hair, conquering smile, tapered legs (one of which is discreetly tattooed at the ankle), her name is Laura Wasser, looks ten years younger than her forty-six years old… and is about to demolish Antonio Banderas. Melanie Griffith has indeed just chosen this lawyer with the paces of model to sell her eighteen years of marriage with the Spanish actor. A well inspired choice: Laura is one of the hundred best lawyers of the United States, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Dragon of the courtrooms, terror of the Californian courts of justice, Maître Wasser has forged an iron reputation in the matrimonial sector.

This means, since we are not in Catholic Poland but in Los Angeles the cathodic and cinematographic one, that she has no shortage of divorces to get under her teeth or celebrities to defend. She has already settled the matrimonial disputes of Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and Heidi Klum… hands down. And, despite her extreme discretion – no one knows the ins and outs, for example, of her client Angelina Jolie’s separation from Billy Bob Thornton in 2003 – newspapers have hailed her achievements and nicknamed her either “the Disso Queen” or “the Breakup Artist”.

Anna Wintour, the fearsome she-devil who doesn’t only dress in Prada and isn’t the type to be impressed by the first piranha in a petticoat, has fallen under the spell, to the point of having published a portrait of her in the American Vogue. Consecration. It must be said that Laura Wasser is strong. In a state, California, where half of her fortune must be given to her spouse in the event of separation, she has obtained that Britney Spears – although not the most balanced wife and mother there is in 2007 – only pays 780,000 euros to Kevin Federline, the father of their two sons, married three years earlier.

A metro ticket compared to the 105 million euros of the singer’s fortune. When our bipolar Brit, no doubt in a down phase, became uncontrollable, Wasser packed his briefcase and wished him good luck. Yes, she dared to throw Britney Spears out! Not to the nearest customer, with an hourly rate of around 600 euros. For Maria Shriver, cheated on by her Arnold Schwarzenegger husband, she got almost 150 million euros in compensation. Mel Gibson was forced to pass on the double to Robyn, the mother of his seven children, after having had the unfortunate idea of cheating with a young girl, Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his eighth child, from whom he is now separated.

There is the money recovered en masse, but also the strength of Master Wasser’s strike force to establish concrete pre-marital contracts beforehand. Kim Kardashian’s number two husband, Kris Humphries, may have said he was collapsed to sign paperwork contemplating a break-up, but he had to comply, before committing to a contract in August 2011. Seventy-two wedding days later, not one more, the couple obviously imploded. Humphries grumbled, the proceedings lasted, but Kardashian got rid of the whiner.

The right, Laura has it in the skin. One can even say that she was born under the scales of a scale. Her father is one of California’s best-known lawyers. Founder of the law firm Wasser, Cooperman & Carter, Denis Wasser has handled divorces for actors like Clint Eastwood and Jane Fonda. His daughter, who has been around the children of celebrities in the best California schools, is a star herself.

She lives in a beautiful house in Malibu, divorced at a very early age, has two sons from different fathers, lives a hundred miles an hour, and is elegant and tanned. That’s probably why stars feel comfortable with her. So, daddy’s girl? A little bit, yes. Didn’t Denis name her Laura Allison Wasser to honor the acronym LAW (“the law” in English)? But not completely. She never imagined herself, coming out of college, following the same path.

She had started to fight for the rights of disabled people but, divorced, she had to face financial difficulties. Her separation from the father of her eldest son was an opportunity for her to wipe the plaster casts off her body: it was as if she was testing on herself what she was going to apply to others. At Wasser, Cooperman & Carter, Laura embodies another generation. She is the one who believes that divorce has become a chronic illness and should be dealt with without screaming or tears. Her parents, who separated when she was sixteen, would have succeeded. She herself, still according to her, would today be on good terms with her first husband. Antonio Banderas only has to get down on both knees…

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