Lara Fabian: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : singer
  • Real name : Lara Crokaert
  • Sign : Capricorn
  • Date of birth : Friday 09 January 1970 (age : 51 years old)
  • Country : Belgium

Born on January 9, 1970 in Etterbeck, Belgium, Lara Crokaert spent the first five years of her life in Sicily, the country of origin of her mother, Maria Luisa, before moving back to Ruisbroek, on the outskirts of Brussels. From the age of 6, she was interested in music and received a piano for St. Nicholas Day. In 1978, her parents enrolled her at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where she studied opera singing and started to write short texts. At the age of 14, her father allowed her to sing in a Brussels pub, the Black Bottom, on the condition that she accompany him on the guitar (before becoming a heating technician, Pierre Crokaert was a guitarist and chorister). She performed for a few years, won a few amateur contests and was noticed by Hubert Terheggen, producer of RTL Luxembourg. He decided to select her for the Eurovision Contest in 1988 to represent Luxembourg. She finished in fourth place, the contest was won by another future great voice, Céline Dion.

In May 1989, in a piano bar in Brussels, Lara Fabian met Rick Allison. This sentimental and professional love at first sight is determining for the continuation of her career. Together they embarked for Quebec, and in August 1991 released a first album, soberly entitled Lara Fabian (to find her stage name Lara was inspired by the patronymic of her maternal family Fabiano). She immediately met a great success in Canada.

In 1997, the French public discovered her with the title Je t’aime from her third album, Pure. The following year, she received a Victoire de la Musique award for Best New Artist. The year 2005 marks a turning point in her career with the end of her artistic collaboration with Rick Allison (from whom she is separated since 1997) and the release of the album 9, co-written with Jean-Felix Lalanne, her new partner. In 2010, she expands her audience, to Eastern Europe this time, and releases in Russia and Ukraine the album Mademoiselle Zhivago with the Russian composer Igor Krutoj. For her return to France she produces with her own label 9Productions Le secret, released in April 2013 and adds a new string to her bow by joining the jury of the show The Best, the best artist on TF1.

In 2020, the singer joined the ninth season of the show The Voice on TF1, with Marc Lavoine, Amel Bent and Pascal Obispo.

On the private side, after her long love affair with Rick Allison (1989-1997) it is with another composer that she shares her life, Jean-Felix Lalanne (2003-2006). She then met the father of her child, Gérard Pullicino, director of programs, in spring 2006. Together they have a little girl, Lou, born November 20, 2007. They separated in late 2012. It is during a ceremony prepared in the greatest discretion that she married her new companion, Gabriel di Giorgio, a magician of Sicilian origin, June 28, 2013. In October 2020, in a documentary dedicated to her, the singer reveals that she had a miscarriage in March 2017.