Lana Del Rey: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : singer
  • Real name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
  • Sign: Cancer
  • Date of birth: Saturday, June 21, 1986 (age: 34 years old)
  • Country: United States

Doe eyes, puffy lips, outfits inspired by the 50’s and 60’s, Lana Del Rey perfectly maintains the myth of the femme fatale of Hollywood glam’. Born on June 21, 1986 in New York, USA, Lana Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Woodridge Grant, is the daughter of Robert Frant, a very wealthy domain name manager. The artist, self-taught, never took singing lessons and improved her technique alone in the churches and schools of her childhood. As for the guitar, her uncle taught her when she was 18 years old. After a childhood spent in Lake Placid, New York, she left to study philosophy at Fordham University in the Big Apple. But she eventually gave up her studies to pursue her musical career, supported financially by her father. In 2009, she recorded an EP entitled Kill kill under the name Lizzy Grant, which went more or less unnoticed. However, some tracks such as Yayo and Gramma, which are now filtering through the web, are now highly appreciated by the few critics who know them. In January 2010, her debut album, Lana Del Ray, is not making much noise either. Lizzy Grant then decided to become Lana Del Rey, a combination of the first name of Hollywood actress Lana Turner and the chevrolet Delray: a name evoking Hollywood glamour, in perfect harmony with her style of music. In June 2011, the new Lana signs with the Stranger Record label. The video clip of the melancholy song Video Games is a huge success and will be buzzing on social networks in the fall of 2011. It is a mini-film made by her, depicting a hypnotizing universe. The young singer has a deep, airy voice. The clip has now been seen more than 25 million times on Youtube. We’re all very excited: but who is this young singer that nobody knows? But that’s where the starlet’s art lies: she is rare in interviews, and her appearances in the media are all carefully staged… The young woman is building an aura of star that is inaccessible. And it works. She releases two other singles, Born to Die (whose video clip was entirely shot in Fontainebleau) and Blue Jeans, which have the same craze. Things move very quickly. At the beginning of 2012, her album Born to Die is already in stores in Switzerland and France. But many controversies follow. In January 2012, the singer lost her means and made an appearance in Saturday Night Live, which was considered disastrous, bordering on the ridiculous. The video creates a bad buzz on the Internet. Then it is of plagiarism that she is accused when we discover troubling similarities between Video Games and the Greek song Δρ?μοι που αγ?πησα (Dromi pou agapissa) by Eleni Vitali. Questioned on this subject on the set of Canal +’s Grand journal, Lana gets angry and decides to sulk the next -already rare- interviews she was to give in France. She has also been criticized for having undergone cosmetic surgery and for encouraging “duck face” fashion with her siliconized lips, rumors that the singer denies, assuring that her lips are natural. If Lana Del Rey’s musical performances were really disappointing, the singer could always change her mind: her taste for fashion and her outfits inspired by the 50s and 60s have marked the spirits and have earned her the front page of prestigious magazines such as the English and Japanese Vogue, Glamour…. And rumor has it that she could be the new face of H&M. ?