Kit Harington: biography and latest news!

    Kit Harington © Chris Delmas
    Kit Harington © Chris Delmas

  • Profession: actor
  • Real name: Christopher Catesby Harington
  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Date of birth: Friday 26 December 1986 (age: 33)
  • Country: England

Born on 26 December 1986 in Worcester, Kit Harington, whose real name is Christopher Catesby Harington, is an English actor. Nicknamed Kit by his family and friends since his childhood, he uses his real first name only for administrative purposes. He studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, one of the leading British schools for writers, actors, directors and screenwriters. When it came out in 2008, he played the role of Albert Narracott in the play War Horse for two years.

In 2010, he joined the cast of the television adaptation of the Game of Thrones novels, playing Jon Snow, one of the central characters in this saga. The success of the series opened the door to film, and in 2014 he starred in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, and then played the main character in Pompeii. He became the model for the Jimmy Choo brand in 2014 and 2015.

On the private side, Kit Harington met Scottish actress Rose Leslie on the set of the Game of Thrones series. Fiction quickly becomes reality and the two actors meet between 2011 and 2013. After a brief separation, they meet again in 2014. At the beginning of April 2016, they made their story official on the red carpet at the Olive Tree Awards Ceremony in London. In September 2017, the couple got engaged. On 23 June 2018, the couple get married in Scotland. In September 2020, during an interview Rose Leslie unveils her pregnancy.