John Travolta: biography and latest news!

  • Profession: actor
  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Date of birth: Thursday 18 February 1954 (age: 66 years)
  • Country: United States

John Travolta, born February 18, 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey, is the son of an Italian-born merchant, Salvatore, and an Irish-born English teacher, Helen Cecilia. He is the youngest of six siblings. At the age of 16, the teenager carries on the family tradition – his mother was an actress and singer before she switched to teaching – and gives up her studies to devote herself to acting. A fan of tap dancing, he dreams of music-hall and Broadway.

It was on television that he made his debut in the series Welcome Back, Kotter in 1975. The following year, Brian de Palma gave him a chance, giving him a small film role in Carrie at the Devil’s Ball. In the midst of the disco period, it was with John Badham’s Saturday Night Fever in 1977 that his consecration came at just 23 years of age. His swaying hips on a soundtrack by the Bee Gees earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor. Then the big screen adaptation of the musical Grease in 1978, alongside Olivia Newton John, brought him worldwide fame.

After a successful start to his career, John Travolta suffered a brutal fall with repeated commercial failures (Le temps d’une romance, Blow Out, Les Experts…). After ten years of crossing the desert, he tries a comeback in 1989 with the family comedy Allô maman, ici bébé ! by Amy Heckerling alongside Kirstie Alley. But this professional improvement was short-lived, the two sequels, Allô maman, c’est encore moi (1990) and Allô maman, c’est Noël (1993), were more moderately successful.

The actor owes his true cinematic renaissance to Quentin Tarantino. In 1994, the young director, who has the wind in his sails, shoots his second film, Pulp Fiction, with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. Despite the reluctance of the producers to hire an actor who had become a nerd, Quentin Tarantino persuaded them otherwise and offered John Travolta the role of gangster Vincent Vega. The film screened at the Cannes Film Festival wins the Palme d’Or and the actor receives an Oscar nomination for Best Actor; this time his return to Hollywood is guaranteed. His filmography has been growing ever since and the actor has worked under the direction of numerous directors, John Woo (Broken Arrow, Volte-face), Costa-Gavras (Mad City), Terrence Malick (The Red Line). In 2003, the actor was reunited with Samuel L. Jackson in Basic. He returned to the stage in a musical in 2007, starring in Adam Shankman’s Hairspray. He then returned with action films (From Paris with Love, Savages, Face à Face). In 2014, he will star in Philip Martin’s The Forger and is expected to appear in Jackie Earle Haley’s Criminal Activities.

John Travolta is a seasoned pilot and aviation enthusiast with his own aircraft, a Boeing 707 and a private jet. The actor has been a member of the Church of Scientology since the late 1970s. At that time, the actor went through two successive bereavements; his partner Diana Hyland and his mother, who plunged him into a deep depression. He then approached Scientology to overcome this painful period.

On July 12, 2020, the actor announced on his Instagram account the death of his wife Kelly Preston at the age of 57, following a breast cancer.

On the private side, John Travolta has been married to actress Kelly Preston since September 12, 1991. The couple had three children; Jett (born on 13/04/1992 with Kawasaki syndrome, died on 02/01/2009), Ella Bleu (born in April 2000) and Benjamin (born on 23/11/2010).