Jim Carrey: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actor
  • Real name: James Eugene Carrey
  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Date of birth: Wednesday, January 17, 1962 (age: 59)
  • Country: Canada

Jim Carrey was born January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. The youngest of a family of four children, the little boy quickly developed his comedic side. In front of his classmates, he improvises little sketches and experiments with his first faces. Coming from a modest background, he found odd jobs as a teenager in order to gain his independence. He launched a career as a comedian, and travelled to Toronto’s cabarets and then flew to Los Angeles in the early 80s.

The beginnings are difficult and the aspiring comedian spends a decade trying to break into the seventh art. In 1983, he landed a lead television role in the TV movie Introducing…Janet. He then made a few film appearances and at the beginning of the 90s, he joined the cast of a television series, In living color, in which he participated for five seasons. His career takes a decisive turn in 1994. Revealed to the general public by Chuck Russell’s comedy The Mask, in which he excels thanks to his gestures and his panoply of grimaces. The same year he went on to film Ace Ventura, Detective Dog and Cat, Dumb and Dumber.

In 1998, he was confronted with a more dramatic register when he played the lead role in Peter Weir’s The Truman show, which earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor. From then on, he alternates comedies and darker roles. In 2000, he starred in The Grinch, which was a great commercial success, and the same year he returned to the Farrelly brothers’ comedy with Fous d’Irène alongside Renée Zellweger. In 2004, with Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and in 2007 with Joel Schumacher’s fantastic thriller, Le nombre 23, he shows a new facet in his acting. Since 2010, he has been slowing down the frantic pace of filming somewhat. In 2011, he shoots Mr. Popper and his Penguins, and once again demonstrates his comic talent in Dumb and Dumber 2 (2014), twenty years after the Farrelly brothers’ first opus.

In between shoots, the actor devotes himself to his other passions, including sculpture and painting, and devotes much of his time to making bronze monuments. In 2013, he also publishes a children’s book, How Roland Rolls, accompanied by a mini-album of which he wrote and performed the songs with his daughter Jane.

On the private side, Jim Carrey married Melissa Womer in March 1987, who gave him a daughter, Jane Erin, on September 6, 1987. But in December 1995 the couple divorced. The actor quickly finds love again on the arm of Lauren Holly, whom he marries in September 1996, before divorcing a few months later in July 1997. After a romance with Renée Zellweger, the actor develops a romance with another actress, Jenny McCarthy, in 2005. The two actors separated after five years of love in 2010. The same year, he became a grandfather for the first time; his grandson Jackson Riley was born on February 26, 2010. In March 2012, the make-up artist Cathriona White meets the actor on a film set. Despite their twenty-five years apart, they begin a relationship before separating a few months later. In May 2015, the couple appears together again in the streets of New York. But their tumultuous romance ends in September 2015. On September 28, 2015, 30-year-old Cathriona White commits suicide at her Los Angeles home. In January 2019, Jim Carrey made her love affair with actress Ginger Gonzaga official during the Golden Globes.

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