Jeremy Jackson: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation: Actor
  • Real name : Jeremy Dunn Jackson
  • Sign : Libra
  • Date of birth : Thursday, October 16, 1980 (age: 40)
  • Country: United States

Born in California in October 1980, Jeremy Dunn Jackson is an American actor and singer. After playing in commercials for Mattel, he became known at a very young age as Hobie Buchannon in Baywatch. From 1991 to 1999, alongside Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, he played the son of the hero of this series. In parallel to this activity, Jeremy Jackson sings on two albums, Number One in 1994, and Always in 1995.

The years 2000 are difficult for the young actor, who turns little, despite his role of Hobie Buchannon for the TV movie Baywatch: Marriage in Hawaii, in 2003. However, he is regularly invited on the sets of many American TV shows to talk about his role and his experience during the shooting of the series. After a tumultuous relationship with adult film actress Sky Lopez, in 2015, he participated in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother 15 in England. A program from which he will be excluded after a week in the company of Ken Morley.

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