James Heerdegen: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : Film technician
  • Country: United States

Young man rather unknown to the general public, James Heerdegen revealed himself in 2012 when he married the American actress Christina Ricci.

If he is much more discreet than his wife, it is because James works behind the scenes. For many years, he has worked as a dolly grip on film sets. He is in charge of the movement of the cameras when a dolly is needed. The young man has worked on many well known films such as Captain Philips and Revolutionary Road with director Sam Mendes. James also collaborates on many TV productions such as Elementary and Pan Am (2011).

It was on the set of this series that he met the actress Christina Ricci. The young woman is an iconic figure in American cinema thanks to films such as Casper and especially The Addams Family where she lent her features to the character of Wednesday Addams. If the Pan Am series stopped after one season, their love story continues. In 2013, the couple even said yes in an intimate ceremony. The following year, the young woman gave birth to a baby boy named Freddie.

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