Jair Bolsonaro: biography and latest news!

    Jair Bolsonaro © Fotoarena
    Jair Bolsonaro © Fotoarena

  • Occupation: President
  • Country: Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro was born on March 21, 1955 in Brazil, in Glicério, a city in the state of São Paulo. Son of a dentist, he grew up in a family of six children. He studied at the Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército, which prepared him to enter the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, a military school located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Jair Bolsonaro graduated in 1977 and became a second lieutenant of artillery.

It was in 1988 that Jair Bolsonaro’s political career began. He was then a city councilor in Rio de Janeiro where he represented the Christian Democratic Party. And in 1990, he was elected federal deputy in Rio de Janeiro for the same party. Most of his career is carried out in this position under different political labels. Then in October 2018, as a candidate for the Social-Liberal Party, he was elected President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The Brazilian head of state is considered on the far right of the political spectrum.

In August 2019, Jair Bolsonaro creates controversy by making insulting remarks towards Brigitte Macron.

On the private side, Jair Bolsonaro married Rogéria Nantes Nunes Braga. From this first marriage, he has three sons (Flavio, Carlos, Eduardo), but the couple divorced. Later, Jair Bolsonaro married Ana Cristina Valle and from this union was born his fourth son, Renan. Since 2007, Jair Bolsonaro is married to Michelle Reinaldo, together the couple has a daughter, Laura.

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