Inna Modja: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : Model, singer, actress
  • Real name: Inna Bocoum
  • Sign : Bull
  • Date of birth: Saturday, May 19, 1984 (age: 36 years old)
  • Country: Mali

Inna Modja was born on May 19, 1984 in Bamako, Mali. A terrible child, born Inna Boccoum, her mother nicknamed her Inna Modja, which means “not good, bad” in Fulani, the language spoken by her family. From the age of 6, Inna sings in a choir and listens to blues and jazz classics. As a teenager, she joined the Rail Band, Bamako’s swinging grandfathers who sing along to bossa nova tunes.

Her career took a new turn when she sang a duet with Jason Mraz on France 2 for the Fête de la musique. Her first album, Everyday is a New World, was a great European success. Three years later, the young woman returned to the spotlight with the title French Cancan (Monsieur sainte Nitouche), which was a hit and made it into the French charts. Since 2013, she has been playing in the comedy capsule Pendant ce temps broadcast in Canal+’s Grand Journal. Inna adapts daily situations to strange parallel worlds with brilliance and a lot of humor.

But Inna also knows how to get involved in causes that affect her. Having undergone an excision without her parents’ knowledge, the young woman strongly militates against this practice from another age. In the video clip La Valse de Marylore, Inna denounces violence against women around the world.

On the private side, she shares the life of Marco Conti Sikic, an artistic director. On January 7, 2020, she announces on Instagram the birth of her first child.