Harvey Keitel: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actor
  • Sign : Taurus
  • Date of birth : Saturday 13 May 1939 (age : 82)
  • Country: United States

Harvey Keitel’s face is inscribed in our minds as his presence and the roles he chooses are sensitive and nuanced. From Reservoir Dogs to The Piano Lesson, he is one of the actors to have put himself in the most danger, and having developed an impressive range of play. Companion of the greatest directors, Harvey Keitel has played in films that have become cult, and has become a reference for a whole generation.

Born in 1939 in New York, Harvey Keitel quickly turned to acting and became a student at the famous Actor Studio. Making his first steps alongside Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese, he quickly became a renowned actor, brilliant by his talent and his requirement. Indeed, Harvey Keitel does not compromise on his acting, and he has twice left spectacular film sets such as Apocalypse Now and Eyes Wide Shut.

After turning to European sets, he returned to American cinema in 1992 with Quentin Tarentino for Reservoir Dogs, and Jane Campion for The Piano Lesson. Thanks to these films, here he is propelled to the front of the stage, he will now be able to choose with even more skill films of authorship alongside the big American productions. In May 2015, he is in the cast of Youth, selected in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

On the private side, Harvey Keitel was the husband of Lorraine Bracco, with whom he has a daughter Stella. He is also the father of Hudson, whom he had with Lisa Karamzin, and Roman, from his marriage to Daphna Kastner.