Glee: biography and latest news!

  • 2009 – 2015 / 42min / Comedy, Musical Comedy
  • From: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan
  • With: Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch
  • Nationality: U.S.A.
  • Chain of origin: FOX

A Spanish teacher at McKinley High School, Will Schuester decided to take over the management of his school’s singing club, which had been left in a bad way by his predecessor. At the same time, he rekindled his youthful aspirations and his wife’s jealousy, and he was enthusiastic about forming a new group, made up of several students who had nothing to do with each other. Losers, footballers, nerds, cheerleaders… All these little people will try to live together as best they can in order to bring the “Glee Club” back to the prestigious rank it held many years ago…

The series takes place within the walls of William McKinley High School, located in Lima, Ohio. William Schuester, a newly arrived Spanish teacher on the faculty, volunteers to take over the direction of the Glee Club. After the dismissal of the former leader for touching minors, this singing club is in bad shape and suffers from a bad reputation.

Grouping together the least well integrated students, it is shunned by the most popular ones. For William Schuester, it is urgent to recruit new singers. He then approached a few charismatic sportsmen, including the young Finn Hudson, who was very gifted on the soccer fields. With a lot of courage, William Schuester persevered and formed a new group composed of students who were all different from each other, such as nerds, footballers and cheerleaders. The group took the name New Directions and, with more rehearsals and stages, tried to bring the group back to the prestigious position it had held years before. His commitment to the glory of Glee Club enabled him to revive his youthful aspirations. But he has to face the jealousy of his wife, as well as that of Sue Sylvester, the cheerleader coach, who will do anything to destroy the singing club.

The series features Matthew Morrison (“Love at first sight in Rhode Island”, “I think I love my wife”) as Spanish teacher William Schuester; Lea Michele (“Spring Awakening”, “The new musical”) as Rachel Berry and Kevin McHale (“Zoe”, “True Blood”) as Arty Abrams.


Will, a Spanish teacher, agrees to take care of the high school choir, whose members are determined to put their reputation as losers behind them.


Schuester is taking Glee Club to new heights as his personal life becomes more complicated.


As the choir recruits new talent, Quinn makes new friends, and Sue decides to go into politics.


Glee Club alumni are trying to find their place in their new lives, while other members are juggling high school and the pursuit of their dreams.


In school and in life, current and former members of the McKinley High School Glee Club struggle to find the right note.


Rachel returns home, Kurt and Blaine are faced with decisive choices, and the future of Glee Club is in jeopardy.