Gina Maria Schumacher: biography and latest news!

    Gina Maria Schumacher © INSTAGRAM
    Gina Maria Schumacher © INSTAGRAM

  • Sign : Pisces
  • Date of birth : Thursday 20 February 1997 (age: 24)
  • Country: Germany

Gina-Maria Schumacher is the daughter of Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher and Corinna Betsch. She was born in Germany on February 20, 1997. She has a brother, Mick Schumacher, born on March 22, 1999. If the latter is devoted to racing (he starts in the 2021 season his very first season in Formula 1), Gina-Maria Schumacher has another passion: horseback riding.

She shares this hobby with her mother, who is also an avid rider. Gina-Maria Schumacher publishes on social networks her exploits in various equestrian competitions, and more particularly in the category “reining”, which consists of performing figures on horseback. She was crowned European junior champion in 2015, then won the gold medal at the world championships in 2017.

The Schumacher family prefers to stay away from the media since Michael Schumacher’s accident in late 2013. The father of Gina-Maria Schumacher is indeed initially placed in an artificial coma before being awakened. The family does not communicate more information about his recovery. In early 2021, Gina-Maria Schumacher publishes on its social networks a photo of her that makes react. Smiling and with an optimistic message, his features on the picture indeed remind a lot of his father.

Discreet about her private life, a German media suggests in February 2020 that she could be engaged to Ian Bethke, also passionate about riding.