Elizabeth II: biography and latest news!

  • Occupation : Queen of England
  • Real Name: Elisabeth, Alexandra, Mary Windsor
  • Sign : Bull
  • Date of birth: Wednesday, April 21, 1926 (age: 94 years old)
  • Country : England

Elisabeth of England was born on April 21, 1926. When her uncle Edward VII, initially heir to the crown, renounces his rights to marry a divorced woman, it is her father who becomes king. As the eldest daughter of George VI, she then became first in the order of succession.

She acceded to the throne upon the death of her father in February 1952. Her coronation on June 2, 1953 was broadcast on television, a world first. Since 2015, it is the monarch who has ruled the longest over England. The Queen has led major constitutional reforms in the United Kingdom. In particular, she accompanied the independence of the administered countries. She transformed the British Empire into a Commonwealth of Nations.

Elizabeth of England meets her future husband, Philip Mountbatten, at the age of 13. She immediately fell in love with him. They married in 1947. Together, they have four children: Charles in 1948, the Crown Prince, Anne (1950), Andrew (1960) and Edward (1964).

She celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of her reign in 2012, and is still extremely popular with the British for whom she embodies order, tradition but also courage and simplicity.

Elizabeth of England has five great-grandchildren; Mia, the daughter of Zara Philips, Savannah and Isla, the daughters of Peter Philipps, George and Charlotte the children of Prince William of England. On April 23, 2018, Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy, the Queen’s sixth great-grandchild.