Eleanor Jasmine Lambert: biography and latest news!

Eleanor Lambert © FAMEFLYNET
Occupation: Model, actress
Real name: Eleanor Jasmine Lambert
Sign: Virgo
Date of birth: Sunday, September 05, 1993 (age: 27 years old)
Country: United States

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert was born on September 5, 1993. Her mother is the American actress Diane Lane who can be seen in Judge Dredd in 1995, Infidèle in 2002 and Man of Steel in 2013. As for Eleanor’s father, it is the actor Christophe Lambert who can be found in Greystoke, Subway or Highlander to quote only a tiny part of his filmography.

The young Eleanor is born when her parents’ love relationship is on the decline. They will separate six months after her birth. Despite the divorce of her parents, who always agreed to ensure her education, Eleanor remained very close to her father. Christophe Lambert has always made sure to be present at least nine months a year at his daughter’s side, as he himself admits, and this until she was twelve years old.

Close bonds were thus woven between father and daughter to such an extent that, as a young adult, Eleanor is the real pride of her father and the only real success of the actor, as he himself wishes to specify. Eleanor lives in New York with her boyfriend where she studies music at the university. At the same time, she has just joined The Face agency as a model.