Christopher Plummer: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actor
  • Sign : Sagittarius
  • Date of birth: Friday, December 13, 1929 (age: 91 years old)
  • Date of Death: Friday, February 05, 2021
  • Country: Canada

Christopher Plummer was born on December 13, 1929 in Toronto, Canada. He grew up in Senneville in the Montreal area of Quebec.

He discovered the theater as a teenager and began his career in the 1940s on stage with the Canadian Repertory Company. He then moved to the United States and made his Broadway debut in the play The Starcross story. In the years that followed, he triumphed in the major roles of the classical repertoire in the theaters of Broadway and London. He has received numerous awards throughout his theatrical career, including two Tony Awards in 1974 and 1997.

In the late 1950s, Christopher Plummer starred in the highly successful television adaptation of Hamlet for a British television network. The actor then started a career on the big screen and made two films in 1958; The Fires of the Theatre by Sidney Lumet and The Forbidden Forest by Nicholas Ray. In the mid-60s, he was in the cast of The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) and The Sound of Music (1965), which launched his career. In 1968, he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada by Queen Elizabeth of England.

A prolific actor, Christopher Plummer shot a series of films during the 1970s and varied his roles: Night of the Generals, Waterloo, The Man Who Wanted to be King, The Return of the Pink Panther… In the 1980s, he devoted more time to the small screen and appeared in numerous television films and series (Birds Hide to Die). In the 90s, he shares the poster of many successes; Star Trek VI, Malcolm X, Wolf, The army of twelve monkeys, Revelations. He continues his career and multiplies prestigious collaborations; Oliver Stone (Alexandre), Terrence Malick (Le nouveau monde), Spike Lee (Inside man)…

In 2009, at the age of 80, the actor, always keen on new experiences, shoots Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. More recently, he played in Millennium: Men Who Didn’t Like Women, Barrymore, and Betrayals. In 2017, Ridley Scott gave him a role in his new film All the Money in the World, which earned him a 2018 Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

On the personal side, Christopher Plummer has been married three times. In 1956, he married actress Tammy Grimes with whom he has a daughter Amanda (born in 1957). But the couple divorced in 1960. After a second unhappy marriage, with Patricia Lewis (1962-1967), he meets Elaine Taylor with whom he has been married since October 1970.