Charlie’s Angels: biography and latest news!

  • 1976 – 1981 / 42min / Drama, Detective
  • By Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts
  • With Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle, Cheryl Ladd
  • Nationality: U.S.A.

Three young women, working for a Los Angeles private detective agency, conduct investigations on behalf of their invisible boss, Charlie Townsend. They receive instructions by phone and Bosley, the agency’s account manager, acts as a go-between for Charlie and his Angels. For each case, the girls do not hesitate to adopt a new identity, to disguise themselves to better infiltrate and to lead their investigation with discretion.

The premises of Girl Power

With Charlie’s Angels, Aaron Spelling laid the foundations of Girl Power. Here, the men give the lead to not one… but three women. A significant event in 1976 when women – especially unknown women – hardly have the opportunity to carry a series on their frail shoulders. The success of the show is such that it is worth to its interpreters an international fame!

Action and seduction

The series does not shine by the originality of the stories, especially since each episode is structured more or less on the same mold, with an introductory scene presenting the misdeed, the girls are then entrusted with the investigation by their invisible boss Charlie Townsend, undercover immersion in the environment where the angelic detectives must investigate, the resolution of the case with the girls reunited in pursuit of the “villain”, and finally the final scene that marks the return to the office where the girls receive the congratulations of Charlie for having so brilliantly conducted the investigations. If the principle is repetitive, the interest of the series is quite different. Charlie’s Angels is an assumed entertainment that proposes to be guided by three heroines who do not lack charm. In the respective roles of Sabrina Duncan, Jill Monroe and Kelly Garrett, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith bring joy and relaxation for the happiness of male viewers. Gone are the Starsky and Hutch and other testosterone-fueled cops, and in their place are the lovely recruits who prove that they can make their mark in a world previously reserved for men. Playing the fantasy card to the hilt, the female investigators must wear a variety of disguises to infiltrate incognito so as not to alarm the culprit. The “angels” are brought most of the time to put on some uniforms. During the first season, they wear in turn the uniform of the penitentiary where they are incarcerated in “A prison for these ladies”, the skirt of the tennis player in “A muscular investigation”, a playmate for a charm magazine in “Lady Killer”, the uniform of a soldier in “Life in a castle”, the blouse of a nurse in “Murder in a hospital” and finally the uniform of a policeman in “Corruption”. The girls know how to put their assets forward to achieve their goals and win the confidence of these gentlemen. Jill, in particular, with her sparkling smile, melts more than one! These ladies are not stupid though. Beyond appearances, the “angels” know how to be witty, especially Sabrina, the “smartest” of the three, who appears to be the most thoughtful. If they don’t let themselves be taken in by men, the Charlie’s Angels turn into hysterical teenagers when it comes to Charlie. Intrigued and totally won over by their mysterious boss, the girls seem to regress when the subject concerns Charlie. And their sometimes superficial preoccupations, like the worries about clothing, only confirm the feminist movements which reproached the series to give an unflattering image of the woman.

Tensions behind the scenes

Season 1 of Charlie’s Angels is without doubt the most striking of all! The only one which reunites the original team, Farrah Fawcett having remained only one season. If Kate Jackson, the most experienced of the actresses, was supposed to be the most popular, she is quickly beaten to the punch by the blonde Farrah with her impeccable hair, who has become a real icon. Posters and other dolls bearing her likeness were snapped up like hotcakes, confirming the preference of the male population. Strong of this craze, the young woman takes her leave at the end of the first season to devote herself to other projects. And Jill’s absence is explained the following season by her commitment to the European circuits. Her replacement, Cheryl Ladd, will have the difficult task of succeeding her. If she manages to win the hearts of the public, no one will replace Farrah Fawcett in the hearts of the fans!