Charlie Hunnam: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actor
  • Real name: Charles Matthew
  • Sign : Aries
  • Date of birth: Thursday, April 10, 1980 (age: 40 years old)
  • Country : United Kingdom

British actor Charlie Hunnam was born in Newcastle upon Tyne on April 10, 1980. At the dawn of his 10th birthday, Charlie Hunnam was having fun clowning around a shoe store when he was spotted by a casting director.

For the series Byker Grove, Charlie Hunnam realizes his first steps as an actor. Still on British soil, the neo-comedian obtains ten years later the role of Nathan Maloney for the series Queer as Folk. Certain of his talent, Charlie Hunnam then flies away to the United States. There he landed an important first role with the film Abandon (2002), in which he played Katie Holmes. He then appeared in Return to Cold Mountain (2003), Hooligans (2005), and more recently Pacific Rim (2013). For television, Charlie Hunnam plays the role of Jax Teller in the series Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014).

On the private side, Charlie Hunman married actress Katharine Towne in 1999. But the couple divorced three years later. In 2007, Charlie Hunnam formalized a new relationship with Morgana McNelis.

Charlie Hunnam

Is Charlie Hunnam English or American?

Revealed by the Sons of Anarchy series in which he plays the rebel (and raunchy) Jax Teller, Charlie Hunnam is also famous for turning down

Charlie Hunnam

Is Charlie Hunnam in a relationship?

At the risk of breaking the hearts of Charlie Hunnam admirers, the handsome kid is ultra-skinned. And if we use this term a little excessive,