Channing Tatum: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actor
  • Sign : Taurus
  • Date of birth : Saturday 26 April 1980 (age: 41)
  • Country: United States

Born on April 26, 1980 in Cullman, Alabama, Channing Tatum grew up in the wild scenery of the Mississippi River. To channel their son’s energy, Channing Tatum’s parents decided to send him to a military academy to play various sports. It was during this time that he discovered a gift for American soccer and won a scholarship to the West Virginia school.

Thanks to his high level sports practice, the young man carves a dream body, which soon attracts the attention of Men’s Health magazine. This is how Channing Tatum is offered his first contracts as a model. The biggest brands are snatching it up. He collaborates with, among others, Abercrombie & Fitch and Dolce & Gabbana and then turns in some commercials. He even appears in one of the clips of the Latin singer Ricky Martins.

But Channing Tatum does not limit himself to his physical appearance and decides to try his luck in cinema. In 2005, he got his first movie roles in Coach Carter and Gang Games. The following year, the roles expand with She’s the Man and Sexy Dance. In 2012, gives the line to Jonah Hill in the film adaptation of the television series 21 Jump Street.

On the private side, on the set of the film She’s a man, the budding actor falls in love with the actress Amanda Bynes, with whom he lives a romance of one year. It is also on a shoot, that of the film Sexy Dance, he met the actress Jenna Dewan, whom he married on July 11, 2009. In May 2013, the couple gave birth to a baby girl, Everly. But in April 2018, the couple announced their separation in a statement. In November 2018, he found love again on the arm of singer Jessie J. But in December 2019, the couple split.