Antonio Banderas: biography and latest news!

  • Job : actor
  • Real name: José Antonio Domínguez Banderas
  • Sign : Lion
  • Date of birth: Wednesday, August 10, 1960 (age: 60)
  • Country : Spain

Born on August 10, 1960 in Malaga, Andalusia, Antonio Banderas is passionate about soccer. But a foot injury forced him to abandon his dream of becoming a professional footballer. He then took acting lessons and joined the Spanish National Theater at the age of 21.

He quickly attracted the attention of the Spanish director Pédro Almodovar, who offered him many roles in the 1980s (Matador, The Law of Desire, Attache-moi…). From the early 1990s, Antonio Banderas begins a Hollywood career during which he is noticed thanks to his participation in a large number of successful films such as Philadelphia (1993), Interview with a Vampire (1994), Desperado (1995), Evita (1996) or The Mask of Zorro (1998)… His work and charisma allowed him to quickly become a leading actor in the United States. In the 2000s, Antonio Banderas lends his voice to the Pussycat in the animated films Shrek.

In January 2017, he suffered a heart attack at home following a sports training session. He returned to filming after a few weeks of convalescence, and joined the cast of Life itself with Samuel L. Jackson.

On May 25, 2019, he won the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Actor Award for his role in Pain and Glory directed by Pedro Alomodovar.

On the private side, he married Ana Leza in 1988. Their marriage lasted a long time and they divorced shortly afterwards. On May 14, 1996, he married a famous Hollywood actress: Melanie Griffith. Their daughter Stella was born on September 24, 1996. But in June 2014 after months of rumors, Melanie Griffith files for divorce in the Los Angeles court. In May 2015, during the Cannes Film Festival, Antonio Banderas officializes his idyll with Nicole Kimpel, twenty years his junior, met in 2014 in Cannes. The divorce of the actor with Melanie Griffith is pronounced in December 2015.