Ana Leza: biography and latest news!

Ana Leza (sometimes credited Ana Arana de Leza, Anita Lesa or Ana Leza Banderas) is a Spanish actress, born in 1962 in Madrid.

Ana Leza is the daughter of actress Concha Leza, (another source claiming she is the daughter of actress Conchita Núñez (es)). Her sister, Elena, is married to director Achero Mañas; Ana Leza is therefore the aunt of their daughter Laura, who makes her acting debut in 2019 under the pseudonym Gala Amyach.

Best known for being Antonio Banderas’ first wife, Ana Leza played some secondary roles in film and television in the 1980s and 1990s, especially in films in which her then husband also played, such as Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown or Philadelphia. She also played in the theater with Núria Espert. Married on July 27, 1987 in the church of San Nicolás (es) in Madrid, including the presence of Pedro Almodóvar and Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas and Ana Leza divorced in 1996 or 1995 according to sources. During their life together, she remains in the shadow of Banderas and plays a big role in managing the career of her husband. It is she who teaches him English, allowing him to make a career in the United States. The actor believes that he would never have gotten his role in The Mambo Kings without the help of Ana Leza who translated the script for him. In the divorce agreement, after eight days of trial, Ana Leza gets their house in Madrid, a sum of 570 million pesetas (3.4 million euros) as well as 2.4 million pesetas per month (a little more than 12,000 euros) for three years (or until 2000 according to another source), and 50% of all future profits of Antonio Banderas concerning the rights of the latter on the 25 films in which he played between 1987 and 1995. The actor also pays the legal costs.

Ana Leza then disappears from the screens, not turning after their separation and even making very discreet. She remarried on November 26, 2000 in Santa Barbara (California) with the editor Dharma Villareal (real name Christopher Lee Villareal, of Mexican origin), with Carmen Maura as witness. Until 2004, she lived with him and their two daughters in South Fallsburg (in), New York, then in various places: Madrid, Los Angeles or Abu Dhabi. Ana Leza and Dharma Villareal, both followers of Siddha Yoga, are involved in a mystical foundation called Siddha Yoga Meditation (SYDA). The former actress continues to manage the money she received after her divorce. In 2003 she started a catering business in Madrid, Vinaya Dosa SL, but the business did not succeed.

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