Boris Johnson is still in the eye of the storm. While the opposition and part of his own camp are asking for his resignation following the scandal of the parties organized by the high administration during the confinements, new information has just fallen: the politician would also have attended a party organized despite the restrictions…for her birthday. For the British, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. London’s Metropolitan Police, so far criticized for their inaction in the face of the revelations, have opened an investigation into “a number of events” in Downing Street (the residence of Boris Johnson) and Whitehall (the seat of the government) to determine whether there had been a “violation of the rules related to Covid-19”. “The fact that we are now investigating does not, of course, mean that fines will necessarily be issued in every case and for every person involved,” said Cressida Dick, chief of London’s Metropolitan Police. Thus, Boris Johnson could well emerge unscathed from this affair.

Boris Johnson: what is he accused of?

Reminder of the facts: several parties would have been organized by the administration of Boris Johnson, in defiance of the health crisis and the restrictions imposed on the rest of the British people. An email made public already reports a party of around forty people, organized in May 2020. A Christmas party was also reported in December 2020, when the country was taken by storm by the Delta variant. Now, it would seem that Boris Johnson also feasted with his friends and collaborators on June 19, 2020, for his birthday, when such gatherings were banned in England. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister assured that Boris Johnson had stayed “less than ten minutes” at this event, which was attended by around thirty people. Let’s see if the investigation comes to the same conclusions…

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