Tongues loosen. While she is indicted for the savage murder of little Lola, Dahbia B. is still being watched in detention. Outside, his family and loved ones have decided to break the silence. Indeed, the sister of the main suspect confided in our colleagues from Parisian. And her revelations are astounding: “Dahbia is the bad seed of the family because she always causes problems even when my parents were sick she caused a lot of worry”, reveals Friha B, 26 years old. On the evening of the tragedy, she was arrested by the investigators but was released. The crime was committed at her house.

Now without her parents, who are deceased, and without her sister, who confessed to the murder of Lola, Friha finds herself with her other sisters. “I like them. They hurt me. I help them because I work in a bakery. I’m like their mother. But they’re the opposite. They come to my house when they don’t know where go. They smoke weed. Looks like they don’t have a brain,” she says. Referring to her relationship with Dahbia, the young woman lets go: “She does everything in her interest. She’s a thief and a liar. I don’t trust her. When she wasn’t well, she came to my house and left in stealing my stuff”.

The stunning revelations of the sister of Dahbia B.

On the evening of the tragedy, Dahbia will ask him to help her carry her suitcases, including a trunk in which the girl’s body is found. “I screamed, I cried. I wondered if there weren’t weapons or drugs in the box,” she explains. Stunned, she wants to call the police. And for good reason, she was afraid of making a macabre discovery in this trunk: “I got scared, I thought she had killed her boyfriend because she loved him too much and she was capable of it” .

Savage murder of Lola: the sister of the suspect "believed that she had killed her boyfriend"

Lola’s funeral © Claude Dubourg

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