He is one of those who knew Dahbia B very well. On October 14, the body of young Lola, 12, was discovered in an abandoned suitcase in the courtyard of her Parisian building. Shortly after, a 24-year-old woman, Dahbia B., was arrested thanks to CCTV footage from the residence. Placed in police custody, the latter delivered a chilling account of the murder of the teenager.

This Thursday, October 20, Le Parisien met a family friend of the main suspect. Nicknamed “uncle” by Dahbia B. he is one of the few people to have known him well. And with our colleagues, he agreed to confide in the past of the young woman. “She was not a good student. When the mother was summoned for her daughter’s absences, I accompanied her. Dahbia tried to trick her by telling her that the appointment with the teacher was in such a room when it was in another. Just to be able to say to him: You saw, there is no one, we are going in. I was there precisely to avoid this kind of thing”, confided the man, presented under the name of Hakim in the Parisian.

“His mother sacrificed herself for the education of her kids”

Dahbia B.’s mother, Mounia, has always been very present for her daughters, and she would have done anything for them to follow a suitable education, assured the friend of the family in the Parisian. “You know, her mother was a good woman. She watched her daughters. If one of them came home late, she asked her for an explanation. She sacrificed herself for the education of her kids. She told me that she would have preferred to prostitute himself rather than his daughters being confronted with this”, he continued. Unfortunately, Mounia died a short time ago from cancer, and this tragic event would have been very difficult for Dahbia.

“I arrived in the building in 2017 and the family was already there, confided a former neighbor of the family in Le Parisien. For me, there was only the mother and two daughters. There were no problems. But when the mother died, it wasn’t the same. I heard loud voices that I hadn’t heard before. The two sisters were shouting at each other. I’m convinced that the young woman freaked out when his mother died.”

Savage murder of Lola: "She would have preferred to prostitute herself", the edifying testimony of a friend of the suspect's family

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