Saudi prince moves fingers for first time after 15 years in coma (VIDEO)

In 2005, Prince Al-Waleed bin Khalid Al-Saud was the victim of a serious car accident, which left him with a brain hemorrhage. So the prince has been in a coma for fifteen years, following his terrible accident. Only recently the prince has shown a significant physical improvement, which rekindles some hope.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Khalid Al-Saud, placed on a ventilator for a decade, had already made a first physical movement, about five years ago. And recently, the Saudi prince, now 47, made a move again: he moved his fingers and then his hand!

A small gesture but a great hope

In front of him, a woman addresses him: “Hey, Didi hello, hello, let me see, hey!” And against all odds, the prince responds by wagging a finger momentarily before placing it back on his bed. Then the woman insists, “Again, higher, go higher.” And suddenly the prince raises his whole hand. “Very well,” shouts the woman whose identity is unknown. Soon, the video was shared by Saudi Princess Noura bint Talal Al-Saud and others, and has been viewed more than 200,000 times, according to the Daily Mail.

ابن الغالي الحبيب خالد بن طلال الوليد الحمدلله الذي يحيي من يشاء بأمرهالحمدلله الذي رد لك عافيتك فwitterهة اللله ذ

– Noura (@Nora_bnt_Talal) October 19, 2020
Prince Al-Waleed bin Khalid Al-Saud ©

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