A news that she was eager to share … In a relationship with Gérald Martinez, Sarah Lopez is a fulfilled woman. Thursday November 3, 2022, the reality TV candidate revealed on Instagram to be pregnant with her first child. In the caption of a photo of the couple in front of a huge ultrasound, she wrote: “After having found love, I learned the most wonderful news: in my belly still hides for a few months, the most beautiful surprise . With Gérald, we couldn’t wait to announce this pregnancy that makes me so happy. As you know, I’ve always dreamed of it!” On a small cloud, the pretty brunette confided: “At 31, I am finally filled with happiness. I have a magnificent community, a man who cherishes me and takes me as I am, great stepchildren and I I am about to give birth. A challenge that I want to take up by your side because you have always given me valuable advice, listened to, supported, surrounded by love and kindness.”

Very close to her fans, Sarah Lopez clarified: “This new story which is being written day after day is obviously that of Gérald and myself, but it is also yours, you are as I have already said several times: my second family. I love you and I would like this message to be also that of hope for all those who no longer believe in themselves, nor in love: everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait. . So ready girls to keep me company in my new life? I love you so much.” In the comments section, Anaïs Sanson wrote to her: “Congratulations lovers! I wish you all the happiness in the world! Welcome to this wonderful adventure, my Sarah!” Anaïs Camizuli confided as for her: “Too happy for you, this happiness you deserve it so much!” Internet users were also numerous to react. “Congratulations to you!! After what you’ve been through, that’s the best news, you deserve it!” ; “Like what, after everything you’ve been through, anything is possible. Very happy for Gérald and you”; “You are going to be a great mom Sarah!”, Can we read.

Sarah Lopez: “I have a lot of questions I have”

Friday November 4, 2022, in story, the mother-to-be revealed that a video will be released this weekend on YouTube, in which she will talk about the beginning of her pregnancy and why she had chosen to hide it at first. “I started the second trimester. It’s a deliverance, because for once, I put on fairly loose clothes, it was quite a hassle because I wanted to hide. It’s better not to say it before three months, so for once, I held on“, she confided facing the camera. Happy, Sarah Lopez added: “We will be able to discuss everything, that’s really cool. As you know, it’s my first pregnancy, so there are lots of questions that I ask myself, lots of things that I don’t know… I think we’ll be able to talk about it since there are a lot of moms who have been following me for a very long time.”

Sarah Lopez pregnant: she is expecting her first child with her companion Gérald

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