A real fashion victim! Star of the Sex and the City series between 1998 and 2004, Sarah Jessica Parker wore many designer dresses. In an interview with Public magazine, the actress revealed that she loved fashion as much as her famous character. “I am a pathologically incurable shoe addict. My fantasy would be to be able to be locked up for an entire night in a Manolo Blahnik store and to make a raid”, she blurted out with humor. If Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe is the dream of fashion fans, what does her interpreter’s look like? The pretty blonde said: “The walk-in closets in Manhattan are small, so I bought a cellar to store everything!”

While she kept most of the outfits she has worn on the screen, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed: “For years, I accumulate or rather I pile up all the outfits that the productions have kindly given me. It must be said that I am very petite and therefore these clothes which were specially created for me cannot be resold. Sometimes, they are even unique models. ” While rumor has it that she is addicted to shopping, the actress added: “Again, that’s one of the legends that stick to my skin. If you knew how much, I hate shopping. They are often packed with people. Why would you want me bothering to shave the walls when all those nice dressmakers or makeup artists are even ready to come to my house? “

Sarah Jessica Parker is back as Carrie Bradshaw

Seventeen years after the last season of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will be back on December 9 in the miniseries And Just Like That on HBO Max! In this new chapter, the three friends will have to face the passage of time, their divorces, as well as social pressures on appearance and success.


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