Sarah Jessica Parker gave herself up during an interview with Public magazine, this Friday, December 3. The Sex and the City actress said she refused to pose nude for Playboy. “The Playboy magazine gave me a golden bridge to photograph my breasts in the air, she said before clarifying, but it goes back a while already.” If she did not reveal the sum she would have received, Sarah Jessica Parker said more about another offer that she also declined: “I also refused $ 10 million to play naked in a movie” , she added. And to recognize: “And yet it would have significantly improved the ordinary.”

The actress also returned to the period during which she played Carrie Bradshaw in the television series Sex and the city. A period of which she keeps “excellent” memories. “Yet TV was ‘terra incognita’ for me. I honestly thought I was going to wallow.” Before signing for this role, Sarah Jessica Parker had also asked the advice of several of her relatives by making them read the script. “When reading the script, everyone said to me: ‘Go for it Sarah!’ It is only my mother who was not convinced, ”she assures us. Before revealing the reasons: “She believed that we did not use condoms in this series and that the sex scenes were true. I had to explain to her that the coitus was feigned!”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s rant

Fans of the actress will be able to find her soon in the sequel to Sex and the city. A sequel that has earned violent criticism from the actress, now 56 years old, on her physique and in particular on her gray hair, which she nevertheless proudly assumes. The latter wanted to clear things up by pushing a rant. “Everyone has something to say: ‘She has too many wrinkles, she does not have enough wrinkles,’ said Sarah Jessica Parker in the columns of Vogue. It almost seems that people do not want that we are perfectly fine in our age, as if they almost appreciate that we are sad for what we have become. As we choose to age naturally and not look perfect. ” And to conclude: “I have no choice. What am I going to do? Stop aging? Disappear?”

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