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Sarah Hyland, Hilary Duff, Ashley Benson: the stars open up about their first period

They prefer to laugh about it … Puberty can be difficult and the arrival of the first period can destabilize some young girls. In order to play down the situation, Sarah Hyland, star of the Modern Family series, invited to the show Lady Parts, Hilary Duff and Ashley Benson, who thus revealed what had happened the first time they had their period. At the height of her 30 years, it was Ashley Benson, star of the series Pretty Little Liars who opened the ball by revealing: “I went to an art school. I was in my period where I was doing dancing. I suddenly felt like I had, I don’t know, peed on it or something. I ran into the bathroom and looked and there was just some blood everywhere. ” Cara Delevingne’s ex, who was 14 at the time, went on to reveal that she felt “so embarrassed” that she threw off all her underwear! “I didn’t know what to do. I was just putting toilet paper in my underwear,” the star added.

Although Hilary Duff already knew a little about the rules thanks to her sister, Haylie, who was two years her senior, her experience was difficult. The 33-year-old ex-Disney star revealed, “My sister was in Los Angeles to shoot a movie and I was home alone. A few friends from the neighborhood came swimming and I walked in and went to the bathroom and there was blood in my swimsuit it wasn’t a ton so it wasn’t this massive disaster but i remember seeing it and being like ‘oh my god’ god thank you i had an older sister and i knew exactly what had happened to me but i remember stepping outside with all my 12 year old attitude and saying, ‘go go go you all have to go.’ “This that evening, the pretty blonde was invited to dinner with the family. If she had asked her mother not to tell anyone, she was convinced deep down that everyone knew: “I just remember bursting into tears. It was so touching. is so scary and so big and the feelings around it are just impossible to deal with right now. “

First rules in the middle of classical dance class!

Host of the show, Sarah Hyland also spoke of her first period, recalling that it had come at a very embarrassing time for her: “I had my first period in the middle of a ballet class. And of course. , in the level of dance I was in at that time, we were wearing those periwinkle blue leotards, so you could see it. So I ran out to go to the bathroom and just screamed my name. mother in the hallway, she just came running and made a makeshift toilet paper pad in my underwear. “

Sarah Hyland © Agency

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