Sarah Ferguson: this contentious reason why she was not invited to Prince Philip’s funeral

Meghan Markle will not be the only one absent at the funeral of Prince Philip. While Prince Harry’s wife cannot travel by plane due to her pregnancy and will therefore not travel to Windsor for the event, it turns out that Sarah Ferguson will not be attending the ceremony either. If she has kept good relations with the royal family despite her divorce from Prince Andrew, and continues to participate in royal events on occasion, the ex-Duchess of York was not invited to the prince’s funeral. Philip, who died at the age of 99 on April 9. And this because he did not really carry her in his heart.

Indeed, if Elizabeth II has “always had a weakness” for her ex-daughter-in-law despite her repeated escapades, it turns out that these scandals rather exasperated the Duke of Edinburgh, attached to the good image of the Firm, reports a royal source at The Sun. And the scandal too many were the photos unveiled in the press, in which saw Sarah Ferguson with her financial advisor, kissing his feet, just five months after her split with Prince Andrew. Clichés which got the better of his good understanding with Prince Philip, who according to a relative considered it “strange” and “useless”. To the point, it seems, of asking him to leave Balmoral when he arrived for the holidays.

Sarah Ferguson considered “a good mother” by Elizabeth II

However, despite her tense relationship with Prince Philip, Sarah Ferguson has never moved away from Elizabeth II, who considers her a good mother, and whom she continues to see regularly, especially because since her divorce from the Prince Andrew, she never stopped living with him. On the news of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, she went with him to Windsor to support the Queen. Perhaps a way for her to find a good place in the royal family, while it is rumored that Elizabeth II would not be against giving her some responsibilities, reports The Sun.

Sarah Ferguson © Agency

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