Even as her romance novel comes out the day after the show, Sarah Ferguson is excited about yet another challenge. The Queen’s daughter-in-law would be tempted to participate in the famous show Celebrity Masterchef. The show saw top showbiz celebrities come by to cook for its judges. The One Show host has shown that he would not be against a member of the Royal Family’s participation in this cooking show. The presenter exclaimed: “Next year, we sign you up [on the show]”.

On this show of The One Show, Sarah was alongside Penny Lancaster and Dion Dublin. These two celebrities, presenter of Loose Women and former footballer, will participate in the show Celebrity Masterchef. Penny was telling her story about being on the show when the Duchess of York interrupted her. Sarah figured that Penny might inspire her to appear on the show herself. About that, she said, “Maybe you should inspire me to try [cooking] someday.” Penny took him at his word and replied, “There you go, Sarah, you’re going to sign up [to Masterchef]!”

“I’m going to look at Penny and Dion first and then, you know …”

Nothing is confirmed yet, but Gethin Jones, the other presenter of The One Show appears to be confident and enthusiastic. He spoke of the fact that “Sarah was just one email away from joining the show.” The Duchess of York also seems to show enthusiasm for this possible participation in the show Celebrity Masterchef.

At the same time, the Duchess is also very busy with the release of her novel. Her new romance novel is titled “Her Heart for a Compass”. The novel chronicles the life of his great-great-aunt Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott. The princess would also have plans to adapt her novel into a drama series in the genre of Bridgerton.

Sarah Ferguson © Backgrid USA

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