It is an appalling discovery that was made in a village in Saône-et-Loire. Two foxes were found hanging in front of the entrance sign to the village of Dracy-Saint-Loup. A macabre discovery which caused a wave of indignation among the inhabitants but also on the part of the association One Voice. The foundation then launched a call for witnesses to find the perpetrators of this despicable act and offered a reward of 10,000 euros. An investigation has also been opened.

The mayor of the small town considered this act “shameful”. One Voice launched an appeal, offering “to pay the sum of 10,000 euros” to whoever would “transmit solid information making it possible to formally identify (…) the persons responsible for these acts”. “This information will then be transmitted to the public prosecutor in the context of a complaint by the association”. Indeed the association specifies that “beyond the monstrosity of this staging, these acts constitute criminal offenses”.

The angry mayor

For the mayor of the town, he regrets the bad publicity given to his city: “I like it when people talk about my village, but not in this way. There are other things to tell about Dracy, such as the ongoing construction of a greenway to Autun”. A monstrous act decried by many associations who hope more than anything that the perpetrators of these atrocities will be found. Any element that can help the investigators is welcome. You can go directly to the gendarmerie or contact the One Voice association, which will do the necessary.

Saône-et-Loire: psychosis in a village after a macabre discovery, a reward put into play

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