He is considered one of America’s worst serial killers. Samuel Little was sentenced to three life terms in prison without the possibility of release for killing three women in Los Angeles County. But the man confessed to dozens and dozens of other murders for which he has not been convicted. Indeed, in total, he admitted to having killed 93 women between 1970 and 2005. What has become of this serial killer? According to NBC News, Samuel Little died in 2020 in hospital in California.

The FBI had been able to confirm more than 50 murders out of the 93 confessed to by the man. “For years, Samuel Little was convinced he wouldn’t get caught because he figured no one of his victims was going to be missed,” crime analyst Christie Palazzolo said in 2019. The profile of these victims was often marginalized women, prostitutes or homeless “I have never killed a senator, or governor, or important journalists in New York. New York Times, Jillian Lauren, commissioned to paint her portrait. “Killing you…it would be all over the news the next day. I stayed in the ghettos.”

Confessions after 700 hours of maintenance

At the time of the facts, many of his victims found had been classified as accidental deaths. Indeed, the investigators favored deaths by overdose. And for good reason: the man never used weapons but managed to knock them out or knock them out. If in 2018, he claims his innocence, a Texas ranger will manage to make him speak after 700 hours of interview. “He is a man with great intellectual abilities. First of all, he has this photographic memory of all the details”

Samuel Little: what happened to the appalling serial killer with nearly 100 victims?

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