Sam Smith reveals himself almost naked on a sumptuous yacht on December 26, 2022. The 30-year-old non-binary singer has posted many daring photos on Instagram. The photos were probably taken during a sunny vacation. Sam Smith, in a pose seated on the yacht, gives the illusion of being completely naked. You can barely see her tiny printed bikini. In the photo, Sam Smith can be seen sitting quietly and smiling at the camera with his legs crossed, giving the illusion of being in Adam…or Eve attire.

In another photo, Sam Smith gets down on one knee, sticks out his tongue and waves an arm skyward to show off his animal print bikini. The non-binary singer is obviously in a good mood and having a good time. The caption to the photos they shared reads, “Always wear sunscreen,” as reported by the Daily Mail. In another photo from his gallery, Sam Smith strikes a pose where he shows “his peach butt” as he holds the mast of the boat looking out to sea and strikes a very risque pose.

Sam Smith: the singer shares several photos of his posterior and reveals his tattoos

On Christmas Day, reports the Daily Mail, the hair transplant recipient wore the same tiny animal print stocking to wish his 14.7 million followers a Merry Christmas. In the photos, you can still see the non-binary singer’s rear end facing the camera. The photos almost all highlight Sam Smith’s various tattoos. “Merry Christmas, sailors I send you healing and love today”, can we read in caption of the photos.

Sam Smith: the very daring photo of the singer on vacation reveals a surprise

Sam Smith © Instagram

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