The singer has faced new health concerns… A week ago, Salvatore Adamo canceled his interviews as well as a concert in Barcelona. At the beginning of the month, the Parisian had indicated: “Salvatore Adamo suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia. He therefore cannot sing.” Tuesday January 24, 2023, in the columns of the newspaper, the singer said: “I found myself speechless for a good ten days. Nothing came out, it was tense, to say the least. “

Agreeing to say more, Salvatore Adamo said: “This problem started in Chile, where I was performing last September. I was caught in a demonstration, and I breathed tear gas. It was to die for, it’s crazy that we send that on people. I was able to sing the next day, I did two concerts in Belgium, but I was embarrassed, and I forced my voice… In complete transparency, the artist added: “I narrowly avoided what had happened to me in 2019: a sulcus, a crack in the vocal cord, for which I had been operated. There, I I was able to avoid the operation. I had several speech therapy sessions, and the voice is coming back.”

Salvatore Adamo: “The burn was excruciating”

Wednesday January 25, 2023, in the columns of Soir Mag, the singer had already mentioned this accident. “A few weeks ago I was in Santiago de Chile for a concert. My sister and I were walking down the main avenue in the city and we passed demonstrators. Suddenly I saw over us like a cloud. I didn’t know it, but it was tear gas. I had never breathed it before and I must say that, at the time, the burn was excruciating”, he confided, before slipping: “I didn’t know how much my vocal cords had been tested by the attack.”

Salvatore Adamo: caught in a demonstration that degenerated, the singer lost his voice

Salvatore Adamo © Coadic Guirec

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